Pictureka Flipper Provides a Fun Experience For Family Game Night

The Pictureka Flipper board game is a new board game offered for 2009 that is anything but boring. For those who like the original, you will most certainly like this one more as it takes the benefits of the first game and super sizes them in this one.

The Pictureka Flipper is a great game for families and friends. The game is very addictive and ideal for party nights and family game nights. Here, players focus on memory and identification games while being challenged by a mechanical penguin to get out their answers quickly. As you can imagine, the extra pressure adds to the fun and makes the whole process an even more challenging game.

With the recent recession, you สล็อต can bet board games will be very popular this year. They provide a great way for families to get together and save money by staying in and playing a fun board game. The good news for everyone choosing games is that the Pictureka Flipper game is one that just about everyone in the family can play. However, it is also versatile enough to make for a great party game. This means you can get a lot more mileage out of this one than some other alternatives.

One thing everyone can appreciate this coming holiday season is a good value. This board game delivers a sizable value to people and makes for a great birthday gift, family gift, or a stocking stuffer. Although many people’s particular interests vary, we think you will find most will enjoy playing a game like this. It can be a great house warming gift for neighbors and friends and the best part, won’t cost you an arm and leg.

You will have many of choices of gifts to choose from this year, but this game may be one of the best available.